Monday, May 9, 2016

San Isabel Mtns (Spanish Peaks) and Lathrop State Park

 The above two pictures are of a Catholic Shrine located on Hwy 12 in Walsenberg.  From what we were told, the shrine has been there for over 50 years.  People place statues of Mary, Jesus, the Pope, etc. and tie ribbons, and other miscellaneous items to the fencing to pay their respect.
 Duck on Horseshoe Lake at Lathrop State Park
 More ducks at Lathrop State Park.  This was in a swampy-like area.
 Horseshoe Lake
 Fishing at Horseshoe Lake.
Snake at Horseshoe Lake.
 Snow the first week of May in La Veta, Colorado.  Almost 10" of snow fell.
 San Isabel Mtns. (Spanish Peaks) near La Veta, Colorado.
Weird cactus at Lathrop State Park.

Date visited:  Last week of April, 2016 - First couple of days, May, 2016.

La Veta is a strange but nice little town. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Where:  Trinidad and La Veta
Time:  Early Spring

Our journey started when we left the DFW area.  We miss our family, but the area is just not our cup of tea.  The conveniences of living in a large area is nice, but it is not worth it in the end.  Traffic noise is not soothing to us. 

We did love how the Decatur, TX area looks.  It is much more rural.

We spent the night at the Walmart in Amarillo, Texas.  This Walmart is not recommended.  Too many hoodlums, etc.

We seen a ton of antelope in New Mexico.  They are gorgeous animals.  We also seen a lot of wind farms.

The first two pictures are from Trinidad and the last are from La Veta.  The deer in the town of La Veta are very tame.  It is illegal to hunt w/i the city limits and the deer know it.  ;)  We can see them eventually taking over the town.

Pictures of the San Isabel Mtns. to follow, and Lathrop State Park

Total number of trains we have seen to date is:  15

Take care and God Bless.